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Catalysis and Process Integration


Lab Space


Our Instruments

3D printer 

The Form 1+ 3D printer is capable of building resin-based objects such as support for flow system tubing. A wide range of engineering functional resins are available, and the print-out can have precision down to 10 microns depending on the choice of resin.

Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer DLS system 

The Zetasizer is able to measure particle and molecular size from less than a nanometer to several microns using dynamic light scattering; zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility using electrophoretic light scattering; and molecular weight using static light scattering.

Cary 60 UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer 

This table-top spectrometer is suitable for absorption measurements, range 190-1200 nm, sampling rate up to 4800nm/min. 

Ocean optics spectrometer w/ optical cells & fibres

The system is built for in-situ detection of optical properties such as absorption and fluorescent emission in the flow, so that understanding reaction kinetics is made possible with real-time monitoring. Our standardized connections allow measurement at any stage of the reaction.

Micromeritics ASAP 2020 physisorption analyser

The ASAP 2020 physisorption analyser is automated gas sorption to characterize meso- and micro-porous materials, providing information on porosity, surface area, and adsorption isotherm.

Micromeritics AutoChem 2000 catalyst analyser

The AutoChem 2000 chemisorption analyzer can provide a comprehensive array of highly precise studies of chemical adsorption and temperature-programmed reactions. It can provide information about the physical properties of the catalyst, catalyst support, or other materials. It can determine catalytic properties such as percent of metal dispersion, active metal surface area, acid strength, surface acidity, distribution of strength of active sites, BET surface area, and more.


We have one table-top centrifuge for mild separations up to 4,000 RPM, while there are ultracentrifuges in the department available for separating much smaller solids.

Rotary evaporator (Rotavap) 

Capable of low-pressure, low-temperature solvent removal.

Oven and vacuum oven

Drying & reaction at controlled temperature and duration.

Laminar flow cabinet & fume hoods

For measurement/preparation of nanoparticles/powders solids/solutions. The fume hood is capable of works involving hazardous chemicals.

How to book the equipment?

If you would like to use the equipment, please request permission from the group leader. We are open to collaborations.

Each equipment standard operating procedure (SOP) can be accessed after request.